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Picking a case is a bit like buying a house, get one without enough space and you cannot upgrade in the future. Get one to large and you might spend more than necessary. Get a cheap and nasty one and you IT technician will charge you extra to cover the cost of all the band-aids required after working on your computer.
Our standard go-to case for most office or basic home computers is the Antec NSK4482B which offers decent build quality, enough space to add at least one extra hard-drive and one extra optical drive over a standard build. Another case we commonly use is the SilverStone TJ08E, this is slightly smaller physically, but has the same upgrade options. The main difference is that it has built in and easily cleanable dust filters, we recommend this case when the computer will be in an area with higher than normal amounts of dust.

If you need something smaller, and don’t plan to ever need to upgrade, the Antec Minuet 350 is an attractive and well designed small form factor (SFF) case. If you need the space and top of the range quality then we have two favorites. The first is the Antec P280 which is available in Black or White and with or without a side window. This case has sound proofing, good cooling, dust filters and space for three optical drives, two dedicated SSD drive bays and six SSD/HDD drive bays. If you need more than that, there is the Corsair Obsidian range, our favorite of which is the 750D. The 750D has the same features as the P280, with more cooling and four dedicated SSD bays plus six SSD/HDD bays.



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